måndag 17 december 2012

Gun Control

When I was 20 years old I didn't know how or where to even begin trying to get a gun. For Adam Lanza he probably just went into the living room, opened a cabinet, took out a few guns he liked.

I still don't know where to get a gun and I'm almost 35. I think I need a hunting license or maybe a sports shooting license.

The point is, I'm not interested in guns. And no one around me are interested in guns. But Adam Lanza's mother collected them, she must have liked them. Adam must have grown up in a home where guns where normal day to day business. I wonder what his mother did with all her guns. Defend her home?

It's impossible to understand how someone can do what the shooter in Connecticut did. I cry inside and I think about the grief that must be so hard on the families of the dead children. There are no words to make it better. The world has changed to a worse place for all of the families and for all of us. I hope they get the support they need.

Guns should be banned for all other reasons than hunting. No collecting, no defending homes, no sports shooting, nothing except hunting game. And all wanting the hunters license should have to go courses, get a background check. And no one should be allowed more than one hunting rifle at home.

As you understand. Yes I blame the guns. I also blame the gun collecting mother.

I read in the comments on CNN's coverage of the shooting that if someone really wanted to kill those children he could use swords to do it. And that's why we couldn't blame guns. Pfff I still blame guns.

Someone else said that they should arm school staff. Yea right. Very Bad Idea.

The USA have to work actively and with a long perspective on lowering the perceived need of guns in the home. It's not about freedom, it's about saving innocent children's lives.

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